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Where Talent Meets Technology

Video is the messenger - tell your story and share the emotion and information that helps your business. Websites, social media, television - help your brand and your message stand out. Contact us today and we can make you a star.


• In studio/on location video and audio recording

• Green screen compositing

• Voiceovers

• 3D Animation & Visual Effects

• Professional Makeup & Hair

What We Offer


• 1,200 sq. ft. studio w/ green screen & white paintable cyclorama

• Voiceover booth

• Two fully-loaded editing bays

• Hospital room set with props & Equipment



• 4K Cinema Cameras


• 4K Camera Drone


• High Quality Lighting


• Stabilization Systems, Sliders, and Camera Jib

Katherine Lucas - Exec. Producer Buffalo Video Production WNY Studio
Executive Producer
Glamour for Grownups

Our Team

Jon Ferrari - CCO Buffalo Video Production WNY Studio
Chief Creative Officer
Cinergy Studios
David Halm - Senior Media Editor Buffalo Video Production WNY Studio
Senior Media Editor
Edify Inc.
Stephn Powell - Cinematographer
Stephen R. Powell
Elmwood Media
Brian Griffo - Cinematographer
Brian J. Griffo
Perfect Karma Productions
Anne Desrochers - Social Medi manager Buffalo Video Production WNY Studio
Anne Desrochers
Social Media Manager

Contact Us

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(716) 807-1510

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