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Where Talent Meets Technology

Video is the messenger - tell your story and share the emotion and information that helps your business. Websites, social media, television - help your brand and your message stand out. Contact us today and we can make you a star.


• In studio/on location video and audio recording

• Green screen compositing

• Voiceovers

• 3D Animation & Visual Effects

• Professional Makeup & Hair

What We Offer


• 1,200 sq. ft. studio w/ green screen & white paintable cyclorama

• Voiceover booth

• Two fully-loaded editing bays

• Hospital room set with props & Equipment



• 4K Cinema Cameras


• 4K Camera Drone


• High Quality Lighting


• Stabilization Systems, Sliders, and Camera Jib

Executive Producer
Glamour for Grownups

Our Team

Chief Creative Officer
Cinergy Studios
Senior Media Editor
Edify Inc.
Stephen R. Powell
Elmwood Media
Brian J. Griffo
Perfect Karma Productions
Anne Desrochers
Social Media Manager

Contact Us

(716) 807-1510


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